Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Meeting Matters

So many different groups of people are upset about the current management of the Medical Center and the mismanagement of the public’s trust and public funds, that they have banded together and formed a group, CURE Alameda County Medical Center (Citizens United for a Responsible ACMC.) They have decided to take a very pragmatic approach to our local elected officials, public pressure and political embarrassment. Sure it’s cheaper and faster just to buy a politician but this is so much more fun and so much more democratic. There’s nothing more frightening to a politician than a room full of focused angry voters, so in an effort to persuade the County Supervisors to do the right thing they are having a town hall meeting. Plan to attend, but if you can’t just visit your Supervisor in person.

Town Hall Meeting
Thursday July 22
6:00 pm
First Unitarian Church
785 14th Street

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