Monday, February 07, 2005

Oakland lacks a newspaper interested in real investigative journalism, this crisis of critical thinking has resulted in little or no public discussion of issues. The absence of any scrutiny has resulted in a bumper crop of incompetent, unethical, inept and absent politicians. Flagrant mismanagement of public institutions and resources has become the norm; the Alameda County Medical Center is well managed compared to the Peralta College System or the Oakland Schools.

The decay of integrity and the basic competence of elected officials in Oakland has started to attract some very talented reporters to Oakland. They see career making scandals. My current favorites are: Douglas Allan Taylor, the Berkeley Daily Planet, Chris Thompson, Will Harper and Kara Platoni all of whom write for the East Bay Express.

Douglas Allan Taylor is an Oaklander, a parent and the most thoughtful and intelligent voice we have right now. His most recent piece is posted in

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