Thursday, March 03, 2005

Measure A Giveaway

The Oakland Tribune is keeping an eye on the cash. The Sups are going to give millions to Saint Rose Hospital to cover the cost of treating the uninsured. Oh, poor private hospital.

Look, I'm all for supporting hospitals who reach out to the poor and the uninsured, but Saint Rose is not known for its soft touch with needy. Hospitals who get these funds should have to demonstrate that they don't discriminate or dump patients.

If an accident victim gets discharged from Saint Rose with an unfixed broken hip, and they still need an orthopedic surgery at Highland, why should our tax dollars go to the hospital that gave the poor patient expensive advice and Vicodin.

I'm guessing there's no strings attached to this public funds giveaway and Saint Rose doesn't plan to use the funds to develop substance abuse program for all the meth addicts who live within commuting distance of their hospital.

Oh, well at least the Tribune's on the job, to read Karen Holzmeister's piece click here:

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