Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remembering a Friend

OK, I don’t deal with death well. In my family we get drunk and overeat. Not that I don’t do that anyway but… I knew Jamellea Deary, not well. We worked on the union negotiating team together, I knew her well enough to know she was hardworking, generous and kind. She worked at Fairmont as a nursing assistant, she spoke kindly of her patients, she liked her work and now she’s dead. She was 53 and a grandmother for goodness sake, she worked hard all day, helped her co-workers as a shop steward and drove a wicked commute. She never complained and always pitched in.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Jamellea very well she was my auntie and I love & miss her very much.
she was a good mother, wife, grandmother, auntie, sister, and friend. may my favorite auntie rest in peace.
sleep wit the angels auntie. you're with god now.