Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Two Cents

I’m not a strategic planner or one of the big wig policy types like Dave Kears. In fact when we (myself and other little unimportant people) lobbied and fought for the construction of the clinic building at Highland mostly we fought Dave Kears and the county supervisors. They were arrogant and dismissive of neighbors, unions, hospital employees and patients. They treated just as they have treated the residents, unions and patients who support keeping the San Leandro Hospital open as an acute care facility.

Healthcare like education is best planned with community involvement and support. The coalition opposing the takeover of San Leandro hospital by ACMC are the very people who supported Measure “A” and who fight for access to healthcare. The healthcare landscape for the East Bay is being re-designed it should not be done in secret, and without consulting those who need the service or provide it. Whether ACMC’s is able to move to San Leandro Hospital or not we have lost something more important than real estate we have lost a community's trust.


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