Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick or Treat

Well, we’re close to a year and four CEOs into the Cambio Healthcare Consulting experience, at the medical center. Expect inspectors this week, these are the State guys, they give new meaning to the term nitpicking, they have been known to check between people’s toes. These guys are less fun than an elevator full of consultants.

Hopefully, this week we’ll get some good news. The Board of Trustees is having an emergency meeting to decide whether to give workers a tiny or small raise. Once a contract is signed a labor-management committee will be formed to review restructuring plans. This should allow employees to help fix processes and organizational problems. The CEO of the hour, Claude Watts, has also expressed a willingness to meet with workers directly, without management to get a more complete picture of how things work at the medical center. Is all of this good news a part of the new “stop-loss” program that Cambio is rolling out?

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