Monday, November 08, 2004

Without Compromise

Geeeez, well negotiations have broken down between the unions and management at the medical center. It’s heavy posturing, Cambio sent forth flunkies with a “last best and final offer.” The real decision makers never actually enter the room with the union team (it’s beneath them to meet directly with the hired help.) So executive temps and sub sub consultants with no real decision-making power run back and forth. Come on guys, hurt feelings are half the problem; a little courtesy goes a long way. The employee's negotiating team said, “ nope," to “last, best and final.” So, Cambio has effectively forced another strike vote. Then there are the ever-helpful trustees, rumored to be saying they will put the lay-offs back on the table. Come on guys, people are quitting in droves, lay-offs are entirely unnecessary.

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