Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Free Lunch!

Thursday is a good day to go outside for lunch. Cambio Healthcare consultants have held up the intern's and resident's contract, messed with union physicians and generally blamed caregivers, unions, and patients for their own shocking lack of vision and leadership. Yes, we have officially reached the blame and recrimination portion of the consulting contract.

Those darn interns and residents, “it’s the free Highland meals and their pricey health insurance that’s eating up profits.” Give me a break, they’re young, healthy and they don’t use sick time. Besides, anyone forced to eat only Highland food for days on end needs decent health coverage.

The challenge will be to not bicker and blame each other, see we’re left with the mess and well, the consultants, rumor is they already left. We’re a team, so rally to support Highland interns, residents, nurses, caregivers and all the people who do real work everyday without expense accounts.

Thursday April 28
12:00 noon
In Front of the Emergency Room
Highland Hospital
See You There!

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