Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Con is On

Here we go Sheriff Plummer is getting ready for the big shake down. He’s balking at taking budget cuts. Orloff our incompetent DA is balking with him and they’re balking right to the press. Yeah, the Sheriff is hurting so bad they have four officers guarding one patient with twenty-five tubes and enough meds on board to take out a bull elephant. If current trends continue we’ll have more sheriff’s than nurses on the hospital floors.

Besides, the supes fell all over themselves at the budget meetings to give the Sheriff more money, and have already promised any “additional funds” which magically appear in the budget would go the Sheriff.

So if the Sheriff and DA can balk for bucks, how come no one’s out balking for healthcare, where’s the Authority Board, where’s Dave Kears, where’s the leadership?


boomito said...

Looks like Charlie beat us to the punch. While our "weak kneed" trustees are quarreling, he got Jeff Stark (Assistant DA, son of Pete Stark)to write a sleazy hit piece and call it a grand jury report. Apparently the supes will use this laughably simplistic screed for political cover to pack the ACMC Board with Plummer and a couple lackeys.

You want health care leadership? Maybe we can beg for an infirmary on board the Sheriff's warship patrolling the Oakland harbor!

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the Contra Costa Times yesterday, pointing out that DA Tom Orloff, and Sheriff Plummer, both of whom are wailing "no room for more cuts" to the Supes, are the number 2 and number 3 highest paid county employees, and that a lot of their staff are raking it in. Sorry, don't have link.