Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ron Dellums at Highland

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While the Bay Area has produced many great leaders, recently in local politics there has been something of a drought. Many local Democrats can barely hold the public’s attention much less inspire their imagination. They don’t visit the County Hospital because there are too many problems and too few voters.

Today the County Hospital had a visit from Ron Dellums. Like many I had forgotten how real leaders make you feel. What most impresses about Ron Dellums is how firmly he believes in us. He truly believes he can make Oakland better for all of us because he knows that is what we want and that we are willing to work for it. He sees the value and the pain in what we do and wants to help us to do it better.


Anonymous said...

So, where has Dellums been in the last 9 years when Highland was having all the battles and needing to increase the sales tax? Nadel was there advocating for the sales tax increase. Dellums was in Washington, advocating for managed care in African nations. Now that he is being dragged back "home" he suddenly realizes that there are problems that only he can correct. Pass me the O2 while I hold my breath...

Anonymous said...

I was advocating for Measure A as well, but that does not mean I should be Mayor.

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