Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cambio Health Solutions Attempts to Kill Free Money

In the last few years the medical center created the, better late than never, department of diversity affairs. Though good intensions count, funding has been lean, so the physician director of the department applied for $500,000 worth of grant funding to run programs for patients with low English proficiency. There’s nothing better than free money and most hospital administrators encourage their people to seek this kind of funding. Not so with Cambio Health Solutions. Temporary COO Watts contacted the grant agency and withdrew the proposal. This created a huge dust up, politicians, doctors and community groups all called foul, so Cambio backed down and allowed the grant to be submitted. No one can figure out if it’s the free money or the minorities that they don’t like.

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Anonymous said...

What impact on planned progress do grant funds have?
Do they require the diversion of Staff and other resources away from systemic improvements?

What happens to grant funded projects when the funding runs out?