Thursday, August 26, 2004

Walking Out

Walk out! Actually, medical center staff just won’t walk into work on Monday August 30, 2004. Caregivers have tired of reasoning with absent executives and Cambio consulting.

The Highland emergency department (this includes the trauma center) is budgeted to have 126 full time staff. There are 29 vacant positions. When Cambio presented their lay-off proposal to employees they re-labeled the 29 vacant positions overage, cut them, and then decided they could lay-off an additional 12 people. It’s the, Eron school of accounting. Their proposal leaves 85 people to do 24 hours, 7 days week coverage of the emergency department. This kind of staffing won’t get us through a mild flu season, much less an earthquake or State hospital inspection.

Caregivers have decided to take their case to the public, the politicians and the private hospitals. After all Alta Bates and Summit Hospitals will have to take all the patients who will be turned away from the medical center because of staffing shortages.

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