Monday, August 30, 2004

Consultants Pay Workers to Picket

Nurses called a work action in response to Cambio Healthcare Solution’s ignoring their input on patient care and safe staffing, they called for a one day walk out. The walk out was scheduled for Highland Hospital, Fairmont Hospital and John George Psychiatric Hospital. When workers at the county clinics showed up to their work on Friday, they were given a memo saying that the clinics would be closed on the day of the walk out and that clinic workers would be expected to report to the hospitals. When clinic workers showed up to work on Monday, August 30, they were locked out. So hundreds of additional paid picketers came to the hospitals and joined the protest.

Cambio Healthcare Solutions mismanages three hospitals and a string of community clinics. Most of their employees were standing outside today in front of the hospitals with signs that said “Safe Staffing Now”, “Don’t Close the County Hospital” and “Cambio Has Got to Go” and Cambio decided to play it coy. A Cambio representative at the rally actually told a reporter he didn’t know what this walk out was all about. Scary but probably true, Cambio and the executive temps don’t even show up to union negotiations anymore, they send a sub sub consultant and they do seem utterly befuddled by hospital management. They have however correctly identified that they have, well, a “situation.” So they’re doing what any patient centered quality minded management team would do, they’re getting more public relations. Cambio muzzled their millions of dollars worth of temporary executives, all of whom are vying for permanent positions at the medical center. Now Mike Brown, from Raleigh and Brown Public Relations Consulting, takes all the questions. Raleigh is apparently in Afghanistan trying to put a happy face on the Bush administration’s little problem over there.


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