Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another One Bites the Dust!

The medical center has no real communication system, sure we get the memos but people try not to read them. So when inquiring minds want to know, where do the go, the grapevine. The hospital has a pulse, it has moods and it has one of the most sophisticated systems of informal verbal communication on the planet. It’s sort of an oral history; it’s fast, funny and usually highly accurate.

So here’s what’s on the vine. The Permanent Interim CEO, Mike Burroughs, quit and that’s right, we get another Interim CEO. Let’s get real here, these aren’t “Interim CEOs” these are “Interval CEOs.” This makes four CEOs and counting since Cambio Healthcare Solutions took over in May. If it gets any worse, Cambio will be calling the executive registry and sending CEOs over to work shifts.


boomito said...

"If it gets any worse, Cambio will be calling the executive registry and sending CEOs over to work shifts."

Gosh, you say that like it's a bad thing. You were expecting what, leadership?

The trustees are responsible for finding and hiring a permanent CEO, and there's no law that they have to wait to the end of the Cambio contract to do that.

Anonymous said...

Was it something we said?

Anonymous said...

Some people would like to share some real dirt but they are concerned about being identified.
What do you suggest?
Snail mail? address?

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