Thursday, October 07, 2004

In and Out of My Mind

I’m born and raised in Berkeley so reality for me is negotiable, but I lost myself a little. I found myself crying in the behavioral health clinic. I couldn’t focus; I sat there just leafing through the magazines not even looking at the pictures. Did you know they have Guns and Ammo magazines in the psychiatry waiting room? I’m no shrink, but I think it might be a better idea to put the gun magazines in the dermatology or podiatry departments. I never heard of the acne or hammertoe defense.

I must have been pretty messed up because Kaiser told me take a week off, I thought you had to be bleeding from a major artery to get a week off from Kaiser. They gave me one of those little information sheets. It said I had post-traumatic stress disorder. I read the sheets, I think this stuff might be contagious and I definitely think it’s going around the medical center. It’s not like a different reality, just all the worst parts of your usual reality over and over again. You get stuck bouncing if the walls of your own mind. It comes from too many bad things happening in rapid succession. Since the upcoming presidential election could be ugly, we should all fortify ourselves with good news, multivitamins and extra sleep.

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