Thursday, October 07, 2004

Managing Up

Well, Cambio Health Solutions changed their mind. They decided they had better not layoff 180 staff and maybe they should have a word with some of the employees or at least check in with the Service Employees International Union before completely reorganizing the medical center. Gee, it took them nine months and two work actions to arrive at the obvious. I hope these guys know how to do something besides layoffs.

Thank goodness for healthcare unions. Apparently they’re all that is left between patients and bad business decisions. Medical center employees have used their unions to manage up; they helped the Board of Supervisors to see the dangers of caregiver cuts. They have also pointed out that hospital workers feel demoralized and fatigued, and that getting a contract signed and removing the threat of layoffs is a necessary first step toward making the medical center work.

In spite of the rhetoric, the Cambio executives still have an aversion to speaking to working people. You need a suit or an MD to be heard at the hospital. Joyce Mc Glory, the Head of Human Resources, is the notable exception; she likes Highland and actually listens to employees. The Board of Trustees is still escorted by sheriffs, as are some Cambio executives. Come on guys, we’re overworked healthcare providers, no one’s going to hurt you. Shoot, if you got assaulted we’d just have to take you over to the emergency department and fix you up, and in case you haven’t noticed we have plenty of business already.

Look here’s the deal, this isn’t a good staff; this is a great staff. These are the people you want to take care of you, if something happens. We have an antique computer system, broken wheelchairs, no infrastructure and we make it work. The Cambio team spent a couple million on scab labor during work actions and probably fifty grand on a payroll goof, how about spending five hundred on donuts and coffee and trying to cheer up your worn out employees before more good people quit.


boomito said...

Jeez, you mean after six months of angry blogging all you really needed was a donut and a cup of coffee?! Why didn't you say so? I'll buy you a maple-glazed french cruller and a hazelnut flavored decaf with non-dairy whitestuff and aspartame.

You want a new labor contract with that? Everybody says "it's a new day" but the sun rises when they ink the MOU.

And hey, what about John Vellardita of SEIU 817, who apparently kept our fractious locals united enough to negotiate the no-layoffs-for-now agreement?

Anonymous said...

I would have a few conversations with Joyce McGlory's staff and learn some things about how she treats them before giving her too many kudos. All is not what it seems. And what are we comparing her to-- Claude Watts and Michael Burroughs? Hell, who wouldn't look good!?

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