Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well, it’s official according to the authority board the deconsultification process has begun. Deconsulting a public institution is sort of like desalinization, it’s a great idea that would save lives and feed the hungry but no one has quite worked out how to do it. The Dirt loves to be helpful, so how about a going away party? “Come on lets party, fiesta. All night long.” Send your “Adios Cambio Celebration” ideas to the Daily Dirt.

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Eileen berkun said...

Hmm, kind of like going to the boss's retirement party to celebrate the fact that he or she is leaving. Lets make it a potluck. I'll make the Budget Crumble Bars, you bring the Infrastrucute Crumble. We'll ask our guests of *dis*honor to bring the main dish: a big Tsimmis. In case you don't know Jewish culture: a tisimmis is literally a stew, but it also means trouble, a fuss a mess -- like Cambio is leaving us with.