Monday, December 20, 2004


Well, the Dirt’s a data driven blog so here are the numbers. I don’t want anyone saying I don’t know how to crunch a number or spread a sheet. Hits year to date 9,766. Average daily unique hits 24. Biggest day 129. Biggest fans consultants, they hit often and hard from Hiltons, hospitals and financial institutions all over the county. Dean Whitter, Deloitte and Touche read the Dirt; these hits definitely don’t come from my relatives, we don’t have any money to manage. Hospitals dig the Dirt: Kaiser, Children’s, UCSF, Highland, and more. Politicians read the Dirt: Alameda County, City and County of San Francisco, the City of Oakland and the California Assembly read the Dirt. Reporters read the blog and patients love the Dirt. Universities, unions and other hapless hospitals workers, under siege by consultants, all dig the Dirt.

The Dirt has more than 300 subscribers and has sent out close to 7,000 emails. An average of 47% of the emails sent are opened and an average of 32% of the readers click through to the blog. People even Google the Dirt “that dirty thang,” “the daily poop” or “low budget blog.” The Dirt gets lots of reads but no respect.

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