Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hasta La Vista Chainsaw

The good people of Alameda County sent Chainsaw Charlie Plummer packing. They told the Board of Supervisors in no uncertain terms that they do not want the Sheriff in charge of the hospitals. After hundreds of instructive phone calls, letters, and faxes the Board of Supervisors realized his appointment to the Hospital Authority Board was unwise, unethical and probably illegal. In fact all of the Supervisors deny nominating him for the Board, they don’t know how it happened.

Ever concerned about the proper functioning of the County government, they went right to work concocting a plan that would allow Sheriff Plummer to “save face.” They replaced him with another nominee and attempted move the meeting along as quickly as possible. Old Chainsaw Charlie, never one to pass up an audience, even gave a concession speech.


boomito said...

Did Plummer really say that ACMC's union's should "kiss my ring" ?! Anyway, thanks Dirt for helping the stuporvisors grasp the obvious.

Anonymous said...

No, he actually did not say the Union should kiss his ring. Charlie had made mention to the fact that he was responsible for bringing Cambio to the Medical Center, and that Cambio should "Kiss his ring". I guess he figured that Cambio as well as ACMC should realize that he (Plummer) was actually the saving grace of the Medical Center and that Cambio should be thankful for the goldmine they were brought into. The man is totally fading into senility. Would you Agree?

Anonymous said...

How can you trust anyone who's constant statement is to arrest anyone who has free speech, eject them and then arrest them. Who abuse his authority by writing and giving personal comments on the official Alameda County Sheriff's Department letter head as if he speaking the "THE WORD".
This I find is very frightening, that an elected official has forgotten that the people put you there, and to make the comments he did at the Board of Supervisors meeting about the audience, the Board of Trustee's and the public shows someone on the edge and definitely out of control. I guess the old saying holds true today as it did with all dictators, Absolute Power corrupts Absoluely, reminds you of some people in our past history
from WWII.
I hope the people of Alameda County will evaluate his inappropriate comments, and just like he writes letters constantly to all the administrative offices then he should have no problem in apologizing. To make any referrence to kissing his ring, reminds me of the Godfather, episode I at the end when Michael takes control while his wife Kate watches, and then they shut the door.
If no apology, I hope he got a wake up call. All the citizens of Alameda County want is to provided adequate and quality health care for all. He forgot to mention the lack of adequate reimbursement from Medical/Medicare, billing problems, high number of uninsured due to various reasons and lets not forget the Tobacco and Dish money either.
Lets work together and hopefully we can all survive this American crisis at hand, and lets leave the Three Stooges where they are on TV and at rest.

Health Care for All Advocate

Anonymous said...

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