Monday, May 16, 2005

Stop Chainsaw Charlie

It’s time for everyone to have a heart-to-heart discussion with the Alameda County Supervisors. Putting the Sheriff on the Hospital Authority Board to cut services, to close hospitals and to break unions is a mean and ugly idea. He has a huge conflict of interest and hundreds of community members, patients, physicians, nurses and caregivers have already called, faxed and written to express their shock and outrage at the proposal.

The Medical Center and local elected officials should be building bridges; not blowing them up. The hospital has nearly balanced the budget, there is no financial crisis; there is a crisis of leadership. We need hospital trustees who want to work with the community, the unions, the physicians, and the patients to make the hospital better.

Please call right now:
President of the Board Supervisor
Keith Carson (510) 272-6695
Tell him:
I oppose the appointment of Sheriff Plummer to the Hospital Authority Board because of his conflict of interest.”

Please Come to the
Board of Supervisors Meeting:

Tuesday May 17th 10:00 am
1221 Oak Street, 5th Floor
Oakland, CA


Anonymous said...

Sheriff Plummer writes to the Board of Supervisors after every Board of Trustees meeting. These reports from the past year -- full of anti-union vituperation -- are now posted on the Local 616 website as a downloadable PDF. Read them for yourself on the Local 616 NewsWire.

Randy Lyman
Website Editor, Local 616

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