Sunday, May 07, 2006

Audit This

What’s the plan? What’s happening and to who. The Medical Center as a result of Cambio Healthcare Solution’s voodoo budget, mismanagement, excessive consulting fees and county payback faces a deficit. The new team just went through a “Margin Audit” process to try to identify fat, waste and new revenue. The massive ranks of middle management sat in hot rooms brainstorming. Sleepy, Dopey and Sneezey were out of the box and on the carpet trying to come up with millions in revenue. Most of us working stiffs haven’t heard a word about it from our supervisors although productivity in some areas did increase just by getting the supervisors out of people’s way.

So the results are in and the “Audit” is to be presented to the Trustees. Now’s your chance to get some information, insight and maybe a clue as to the plan.

Board of Trustees Meeting
Tuesday, May 9
Fairmont Cafeteria

This may change, so keep your eyes and ears open and if you need to call administration and ask.

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