Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Layoffs, Rumors and Still No Raise

Like the rest of the hired help at the Medical Center, I’m at home trying to figure out where I am on the seniority list and if I need to start looking for another job.

One friend said, “I’m gonna take a couple of days this week and start looking for a new job. I have a mortgage I can’t be unemployed.”

Another nurse said, “Oh, I’ll go work for Kaiser or something, I’m tired of this.”

Most people just said, “Again, didn’t we just do this?”

In an attempt to cheer my co-worker and myself up I called and asked when we would be seeing our raise on our checks. We negotiated it months ago. The COO’s assistant said they’d try to have it on the May19th check. I announced it at the nursing station thinking it might perk people up.

My friend didn’t even turn to look at me when she said, “Do you think they’ll try to lay us off first and save the cash.”

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Anonymous said...

As you know the Medical Center is facing a 23 Million dollar deficit.
Everyone needs to attend the Board of Trustees Review of the Margin Audit on May 09, 2006, from 3 to 5 P.M. currently at Fairmont Cafeteria. We can moan, but become part of the process and lets get active. At least attend to become an informed person.
GOTV-Get out the Vote, we have federal and state persons who thinks it is okay to fund a war, and cut funding for health care and education. We need to all be active and change this philosophy. Public Hospitals are closing up and down the coast, lets strike to save this one.
As for the contracts; the Board of Trustees approved at their last meeting, CIR, Tri-Local and RN-all in one session. This may be a first for us all. I was informed the changes should show up for May 19, 2006 pay check, I would not hold my hopes up for this, we are still dealing with the KRONOS system and ADP. Cambio, left this institution in a worst shape then before, took the money and ran, "I want a refund". They did not perform, what they promise. At least the new CEO and COO is getting it done for less money, but with more headaches. Lets hope they stay, changes are hard, but hopefully we can survive this.
Oh, by the way their is a process to lay offs, and an order, temps, registry, contract, consultants and vacant positions go first. Hopefully this will not be a live union members body, so cheer up everyone. It is also not 300 to 500 employees, but roughly 110 FTE's and there are management postions included. But come to the meeting to be informed on your future.
Maybe, your suggestions with operations could help save jobs, it is at least worth the effort for all. Lastly, we are not a sunken ship yet, keep the faith one and all, and we will hopefully all survuve this and drink together the new Year of 2007.