Monday, May 11, 2009

San Leandro Hospital and Secret Sutter Deals

Dave Kears is still the Man. He helped Sutter Healthcare divest of one of their few community hospitals that actually serve the poor and he signed the medical center up for more loans and a commercial real estate deal. ACMC has to move rehabilitation services out of the hills and into the hood. Sutter the mega-monster healthcare monopolist gets to close a hospital with the emergency room in a working class neighborhood in San Leandro, the medical center gets more debt and rehab in the hood and the county gets a priceless piece of real estate at Fairmont.

Rumors of Dave Kears retirement were evidently premature, his dream of the medical center as an Emergency Room and patient transfer station may yet be realized.

Read it and weep


Anonymous said...

Just when we thought that ACMC might survive past Dave Kears, Alameda County's sixth Supervisor and Godfather of Health delivers a new blow. It's just like I always said: Kears is in the tank for Sutter.
Maybe we can pass the hat to help ole Dave retire before he kills ACMC.

Anonymous said...

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