Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save San Leandro Hospital

It has been hard to get good information about the county supervisor's secret real estate deal with Sutter. I thought the public revoked their secret real estate deal privileges after the Raider's Deal, but I guess not. The sups are still wheeling and dealing. California Nurses Association (CNA) has done great work on the San Leandro Hospital closure and what it will mean for healthcare consumers and providers. UHW used to make sure Sutter didn't arbitrarily cut jobs and services to the poor but SEIU's pretty much gutted UHW, they appear to be dead in the water on local healthcare issues.

This is a great website on the netroots campaign to save San Leandro Hospital


Leann said...

I like your blog. There are some really interesting articles featured by our experts on the bizymoms San-leandro community experts page.

Yasmeen said...

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