Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SEIU's Sandwich Offensive

That’s right SEIU 1021 feels the way to the hearts and minds of medical center employees runs through their stomachs. They sent organizers with sandwiches, chips and drinks. SEIU organizers are kind of like Moonies or Mormons; righteous, dogmatic and talkers not listeners.
I think Andy has out-of-work car salesmen teaching these kids, they’re relentless. They got the hard-sell down, it’s all marketing all the time, kind of like a live infomercial or a union-o-thon.

Organizer: Sign the SEIU loyalty oath and I’ll give you a cookie.

Member: I don’t want to sign. My manager says, I will be laid off. Do you know if I will be laid off?

Organizer: No, but that’s why we need to be united and you need to sign the oath.

Member: Will signing save my job?

Organizer: That’s not my department, but that’s why you need to stand strong and united and sign. Hey, where are you going?

Member: I’m going to look for another job.

Organizer: Well if you’re going to look for new job anyway, how about signing?

Member: %&#@$@%^


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there's anything left in the coffers for sandwiches and cookies. Did you see the story yesterday about how a creepy security firm - the OSO Group -- is suing SEIU for non-payment of almost $1 million in services provided but not paid for? Three things were truly amazing about the story:
First, that SEIU felt they needed to hire a crew of ex Secret Service, ex-FBI, and ex-military to guard and transport their bigwigs during the trusteeship. They were scared of what? Big bad nursing assistants and social workers?
Second, they retained this firm two weeks before the trusteeship -- at the very time they were saying that they were trying to work things out. During that time according to the lawsuit, the security firm was retained for "investigation and surveillance". Whoa -- nice use of dues -- to hire creepy goons to gumshoe around union members whose very dues are paying for such creepy treatment. If that was happening pre-trusteeship, obviously nothing is out of bounds now.
Thirdly, the $1 million that is the subject of the suit for non-payment is less than half of what SEIU paid the security company. In fact, the total cost was over $2 million for SEIU to hire goons for just 5 weeks in January and February. Would that members across the country knew of and could have voted on this cavalierly outrageous misuse of members' dues.

SEIU needs reform -- now!

Anonymous said...

SEIU is a zombie union (sorry, zombies) and it cannot be reformed; Best thing is to get out of SEIU, or as some co-workers call it, SEIOU.

SierraSpartan said...

Anon @ 1:48 a.m.: Nicely played!

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